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Delicious and appetizing at any time, mango is a tropical fruit that everyone likes. It can be enjoyed naturally, but also in easy recipes, being a fruit that is easily incorporated into any menu.

Easy to eat, without  fiber and very tasty. 🧡🥭 


Nutricional Facts

Serving Size                                 100g

Servings Per Container                      1

Calories                                            60


Daily Value*

Total Fat                                           0g

Saturated Fat                                   0g

Trans Fat                                          0g

Cholesterol                                    0mg

Sodium                                          0mg

Total Carbohydrate                         15g

Dietary Fiber                                    2g

Sugars                                            14g

Protein                                              1g

Vitamin A                                           22%

Vitamin C                                           61%

Calcium                                                0%

Iron                                                        0%

Potassium                                            5%

Magnesium                                          3%

Vitamin B                                           12%

Health benefits:

Mango stands out for its higher water content, as well as being an important source of carbohydrates. The lipid content provided by this tropical fruit is minimal. Eating a piece of mango, about 300 grams, covers a person's daily needs of vitamins A, B and C


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