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It is recommended to consume Passion fruit raw, simply break into its shell and eat the pulp with a spoon.


It can also be used as an ingredient for jelly, ice-cream, cocktails, and delicious dressings for your salads. 


Nutricional facts (Content per 100 g)

Calories 49 Kcal

Water 88,90 g

Protein 1,50 g

Fat 0,50 g

Carbohydrates 11,00 g

Fiber 0,40 g

Ash 0,70 g

Calcium 9,00 g

Match 21,00  g

Iron 1,70 mg

Thiamine 0,10 g

Riboflavin 0,17 mg

Niacin 0,89 mg

Ascorbic acid 20,00 mg

Vitamin A 1730 UI


Health Benefits:

•  Helps with Insomnia.                                                •  Reduces Stress and Anxiety.

•  Regulates Digestives Tracts.                                   •  Cardiovascular Disease Prevention.

•  Regulates Blood Pressure.                                      •  Liver and Kidney Detox.


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