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The flavor has been described as a combination of strawberry and pineapple, with sour citrus flavor notes contrasting with an underlying creamy flavor reminiscent of coconut or banana.


Its creamy pulp goes well in a smoothies, also can be enjoy as refreshing dessert by just freezing its pulp and eating it raw. 


Health Benefits:

Excellent source of Vitamin C as well as B-Complex Iron, magnesium and potassium Provides energy and calories in your diet, especially for diabetics It helps liver function.



Calories (Kcal.) 66
Fat (g.) 0.3
Carbohydrates (g.) 16.8
Protein (g.) 1
Fiber (g.) 3.3
Potassium (mg.) 278
Sodium (mg.) 14
Phosphorus (mg.) 27
Magnesium (mg.) 21

Calcium (mg.) 14
Iron (mg.) 0.6
Vitamin C (mg.) 21
Vitamin E (mg.) 0.4
Vitamin A (IU) 2
Vitamin B1 (mg.) 0.07
Vitamin B2 (mg.) 0.05
Niacin (mg.) 0.9
Folic acid (mg.) 14

Nutritional Table (Content per 100 g)

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