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Cactus figs are eaten raw and fresh, by removing the skin where the flavorful  pulp is.  It could also be used as decoration for salads and dishes. By adding a hint of sugar and some cream makes for a simple yet delightful dessert.


Health Benefits:

Its high concentration of water and low calories makes an ideal ingredient in a weight loss diet.

• Vitamin A and B-Complex as well as flavonoid.

• A good source of minerals, calcium, potassium and phosphorus.

• Some of its components might help reducing joint inflammation and arthritis pain.


higo chumbo5.jpg

Energy [kcal] 272,30
Protein [g] 3.61
Carbohydrates [g] 55.10
Fiber [g] 12.90
Total Fat [g] 1.30
AGS [g] 0.26
AGM [g] 0.29

AGP [g] 0.62
AGP / AGS 2.39
(AGP + AGM) / AGS 3.49
Cholesterol [mg] 0.00
Alcohol [g] 0.00
Water [g] 24.70

Nutritional Table (Content per 100 g)

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