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It is recommended to eat this fruit by removing its seeds, or blending it for juice. The rich flavors of this fruit make it an excellent mixer for cocktails and desserts. It is commonly used for jelly and a variety of desserts as well as patisserie. Yellow passion fruit is an excellent ingredient in the kitchen thanks to its sweet and sour flavor.

Nutritional Facts (Content per 100 g)


Calories 67

Kcal 0.9 gr

protein .

Carbohydrates 15.8 g

Ascorbic acid 22 mg .

13 mg calcium .

Carotene 2.7 mg .

30 mg phosphorus .

3 mg iron .

0.2 mg riboflavin .

Health Benefits:

An excellent source for vitamin C and A,   the consumption of the pulp, juicy, and infusion of the leaves is recommend for:

• Headaches.

• Anxiety.

• Sleeping issues.

• Stress related abdominal pains, antispasmodic relief.


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