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The fruit has a refreshing flavor and enjoyable taste. It could be eaten raw when ripped; it goes well in salads since its texture is similar to the regular cucumber. An excellent ingredient for the making of sauce and desserts, thanks to its sweet aroma. Sweet cucumber can also be used in the making of ice-cream.

Nutritional Table (Content per 100 g)

Energy 109 kJ
26 kcal
Protein 0.4g
Fat 0.1g
Saturated fat 0.029 g
0.044 g polyunsaturated fat
0.002 g Monounsaturated fat
Cholesterol 0 mg

0.002 g Monounsaturated fat
Cholesterol 0 mg
7 g carbohydrate
Fiber 0.6g
6.01 g sugar
Sodium 14 mg
169 mg potassium


Health Benefits:

It is a delicious sweet fruit, 90% of its composition is water, low in calories and has a high concentration of vitamin C.

Excellent ingredient in the diet of diabetics and people controlling their weight. 


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