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It is commonly used in the making of ice-creams, yoghurt and pastries. Its high concentration of pectin makes it an excellent fruit for jelly and sauces. Physalis has been used as decoration for gour- met plates, cocktails, and different beverages. It can also be consumed raw in salads or entrés.

Nutritional Table (Content per 100 g)

54 calories

Water 79.6 g

protein 1.1g

0.4 g fat

Carbohydrates 13.1 g

4.8 g fiber

Ash 1.0 g


7.0 g calcium

Phosphorus 38 mg

Vitamin A 648 I.U.

0.18 mg thiamine

Riboflavin 0.03 mg

Iron 1.2 mg

Health Benefits:

• Physalis has a significant therapeutic use both in the chemistry and pharmaceutical industry.

• Its natural components aids in:

• Cleansing blood • Treating intestinal parasites • Diabetes • Reducing Anxiety and Stress


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