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From the green fields of Colombia to the rest of the world, the best harvest. We are a Colombian company established in the growth, commercialization, and export of Colombian Exotic Fruits.
Our objective is to delight people around the world with a fresh and quality product. The exotic and tropical flavors could only be improved with a full set of nutritional attributes, providing a delicious yet healthy treat. They come from high quality standards. A wholesome product such as ours can only be accomplished with the true compromise of our farmers and the professionalism of our employees. Our main objective is to fulfill consumers’ expectations and satisfaction.

We offer to the world fruits with high quality standards and rigorous control, our fields are constantly inspected by the Colombian Department of Agriculture, which monitors the implementation of good agricultural practices in our farms. We are compromised in acquiring fruits with the best attributes in the most sustainable way possible. The hard work and dedication of our company aims in promoting Colombia’s image in the world as a place of natural richness and delightful fruits, leaving behind a misinterpreted image wrongly portrayed by the media.

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